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EPIQ provides a platform for European Manufacturers to grow their business internationally via a trusted partnership scheme that provides mutual opportunities for growth and at the same time share the knowledge, expertise and experiences of like minded companies who have the same goals.

To be a member of EPIQ, your company contributes something unique to the organisation…this is a key requirement when we are recruiting new members, our goal is promote products and brands that add value to the EPIQ group and not just simply add to the numbers…

Our goal is to continue our growth strategically with partners who value the ethics and the principles of EPIQ.

Membership to EPIQ is open to companies who believe that they can contribute positively to the group. We offer the opportunity to grow your business in international markets and the opportunity to get access to exciting new products which are made right here in Europe. It is important to EPIQ that you meet the membership criteria of manufacturing in Europe and that you share Our Values. We are always seeking new partners that complement what our existing members can offer. If you feel you would like to know more, please complete the contact for below.