About European Partners In Quality

EPIQ was formed in 2017 by the three founding members: August Lundh of Sweden, Harfield Tableware from the UK and Roltex of Belgium.

Each of the three companies saw an opportunity to combine their product ranges and expertise in local markets to provide each with an extended product portfolio and at the same time give them immediate sales representation in new geographical markets.

Since then, the membership has grown and many new brands and products have been added resulting in significant growth for every member and providing a wider reach internationally.

Our Values

Local manufacturing

All members have this in common. All Epiq members are committed to manufacturing locally in Europe, supporting innovation and sharing information on best practices to the benefit of everyone in Epiq.

Our Epiq culture

We have an open and welcoming culture that encourages the sharing of information amongst all members, we meet regularly to discuss our individual and collective markets. We believe in openness, honesty and integrity… all three qualities are necessary to become a member of Epiq.

Reusable solutions

At Epiq we are committed to reducing the use of Single Use by developing European made reusable solutions that will help meet targets for consumption reduction of single use set by the EU and adopted by all countries in Europe.

The environment

Manufacturing locally is just the start. Epiq members are always looking for ways to design & produce products and solutions that are kind to our planet. We share our ideas and thoughts, together we have a strong sustainability culture which is at the forefront of every decision we make on product development.

People development

We believe that our people are the best asset we have. We treat all colleagues with respect and as equals, we encourage them to contribute positively to Epiq and each organisation individually.