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With EPIQ we offer you a wide range of European products for your restaurant, delivery, kitchen, ...
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Serving trays and hydration
Discover Europe's finest ecological serving trays and virtually unbreakable drinkware and tableware
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Kitchen, catering and buffet equipment
We offer you a wide range of containers, utensils, trolleys and shelves.
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European Partners In Quality

Europe is home to a vast and diverse community

A huge variety of countries, some large, some not so large. We have many languages, huge cultural diversity, food & drink that is the envy of the world, some of the most stunning landscapes and of course we have an incredible range of skills in manufacturing and in business.


Each country in Europe boasts something that is extra special

Something that sets it aside from its neighbours and partners. At EPIQ, we mirror this in our product range. Whether it is a beautifully crafted tray that adds to the marketing message and feel to any foodservice environment or maybe a range of high quality unbreakable polycarbonate dinnerware and drinkware which works beautifully in many applications.

We are not all about the front of the house, we have full meal delivery solutions for healthcare facilities and a range of shelving solutions and trollies. The only limitation is your imagination. 

All available from your local member of EPIQ.

EPIQ is all about celebrating the best that Europe has to offer

Combining the skills and expertise of niche manufacturers, all of whom offer unique products. EPIQ provides a platform for European Manufacturers to grow their business internationally via a trusted partnership scheme that provides mutual opportunities for growth and at the same time share the knowledge, expertise and experiences of like minded companies who have the same goals.


The values we promise you

European production Epiq European Partners in Quality

A glimpse of our product ranges

Serving trays
Bar & outdoor
Plates & covers
Assisted dining
Catering & kitchen